Olemisen Balanssia ry

Olemisen Balanssia ry is a research-based entity founded in year 2014 in Raisio, Southwest Finland. The main focus of our work is the definition of educational needs, with activities structured on data collection, evidence-based research, detecting right digital pedagogies and experimental assessment on results.

 Inspired by the Finnish educational model, we prioritise 21st century competences and result-oriented learning outcomes alongside cutting-edge educational technologies. We believe that everyone should be prepared for today’s workforce and understand the complex world in which we live and so we need to raise standards, providing a solid education inter-disciplinary way and enriched technology and developing the transversal skills to work collaboratively and creatively with others.

We empower young people to become confident social innovators making the most of digital technology available to them. To do so, we are modernising youth work curricula and practices so that digital social innovation can be taught to a high standard across a wide range of youth-serving organisations in our community. We aim to increase awareness, understanding and commitment to digital capacity in the youth sector by evidencing its contribution to empowerment, integration and competence development via the development and dissemination of an “All-you-need-to-know” Guide to Digital Social Innovation for Young People. Our aim is also to strengthen the capacity of youth-serving organisations to teach technological digital capacities by boosting youth workers’ knowledge and providing easy-to-use tools for them. We have already sent over 30 youngsters abroad to participate in youth conferences, trainings and capacity-building activities in the Varsinais-Suami region.