DigiCULT is focused on the use of ICT solutions and innovative digital tools aiming to enhance the relationship between tangible/intangible cultural heritage and education. DigiCULT initiates activities are targeted at preservation and growth of tangible and intangible heritage with the use of ICT-enabled solutions. The organization strives for an active media policy centralized in raising awareness of the value of cultural heritage. Furthermore, DigiCULT strengthens the sector and aims in guiding CH communities towards the utilization of digital solutions that can establish common European initiatives.  The company was established with the mission to propel the educational potential of digital cultural heritage and improve individuals’ understanding in this area, by providing hands-on and experiential learning opportunities. With the promotion and establishment of culture and cultural heritage as our focal point, we design and develop digital tools taking into consideration the end users’ needs, always with the provision to create high-quality experiences