Balkan Urban Movement

Balkan Urban Movement is an organization founded in 2002 by a group of young people that wanted to change their society through activism. Since then, the organization has grown and changed from youth association to organization working on growth and development of the community.

In order to achieve our mission and vision BUM focuses its programs in 3 fields:

Civil society and activism– involve for better society
We believe that society can be changed only by civic engagement and activism of individuals. BUM is developing projects and providing support to civil society organizations, non-formal groups, activists and especially young people that are working toward community development. For years now we are implementing projects and programs in this field.

Creativity and innovation– inspired for change
There is no progress in society without innovation and there is no innovation without creativity. BUM work on stimulation of creativity and cultural development in the communities. We support young creative people, their exchange and intercultural dialogue. We believe culture and its development are an important driving force of each society and our goal is to help cultural institutions, organizations and individuals spread their creativity and exchange ideas for innovation.

Community sustainable development– growing together
Activities of BUM are directed through an integrated approach to sustainable development, including different activities in the field of the sustainable development of the social and cultural life of community including the needs of environmental protection.