Kickoff Meeting of the project “Compassion Circle”

In collaboration with partner organizations – Connect International from Belgium, Libero from Serbia, and Javni zavod Mladi Zmaji, Slovenia, we formed the CIRCLE OF COMPASSION, enabling youth workers to share experiences and practices, offer support, and provide useful information in youth work. The project was designed by ‘Ambassadors of Compassion’ and is co-funded by the European Union.

We believe that compassion is the fundamental building block of the community, as it spreads kindness, understanding, tolerance, warmth, and connectedness among people. Spreading the culture of compassion is our response to the challenges we face in working with youth and in life in general. In the long term, we focus on strengthening the skills of youth workers and promoting the social inclusion of young people. The world we live in increasingly calls for compassion, as a compassionate approach helps in solving community challenges.

What’s next? The international conference ‘Circle of Compassion’! The main purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of compassion at various levels. Compassion is a quality that we can cultivate through practice and is the awareness of how our actions affect other people and ourselves. Therefore, we invite you to join an inspiring exploration of compassion and learn about its different aspects. (PHOTO: compasionquestion.jpg) 

The conference is aimed at the general public and will bring together employees of organizations and individuals working with youth, as well as speakers and experts from different sectors who practice compassionate approaches in their work and spread compassion as a competence among all those they come in contact with. 

Join us in the GREAT circle. Save the date – Friday, March 15th, 2024 – and end your week with compassion for yourself.

Registrations open on February 6th! For more information, write to 

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European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Co-funded by the European Union

Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union

Friedrich Neumann Foundation

SmartCity.Education Initiative

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