“E-volunteering” – Mind Mapping Stakeholders Event – Call for Participants

“E-volunteering – building an online volunteering ecosystem”Mind Mapping Stakeholders Event

Setting the basis for efficient e-volunteering practices with high quality standards

We are looking for youth workers, stakeholders and volunteers to support us in the process of identifying, analyzing and prioritizing the qualitative elements of a research on best practices, existing policies and current challenges of e-volunteering 

Volunteering strengthens societal solidarity, creates opportunities for learning, provides young people with new skills and strengthens their sense of belonging to the society. However, digitalization has brought a major swift to the structure of youth organizations and their perspective on volunteering, while volunteers themselves were forced to seek different volunteering opportunities, distancing themselves from the traditional in-person and on-site activities. 

The project “E-volunteering – building an online volunteering ecosystem” aims at enabling the transformation and change of transnational volunteering practices, by using new approaches introduced through a sustainable e-volunteering ecosystem. In the first phase of the project we are holding a mind mapping event for stakeholders, with the goal to identify, analyze and prioritize the main actors with a stake in e-volunteering, their specificities as target groups, set the basis for conducting a research for analyzing policies, needs and practices of cross-sectoral stakeholders involved in youth online volunteering.

In order to do this we are ready to conduct a 3-level research to

  • Explore the current situation of volunteering both offline and online
  • Collect experiences and best practices of stakeholders relevant to volunteering
  • Map existing policies relevant to volunteering that require update


In this mind mapping event participants are invited to exchange ideas, identify, analyze and prioritize the quality elements of the research, including the main actors, people and organisations, with a stake in e-volunteering, the specificities of the target groups, the promotional channels, the concept of the research etc., in order to ensure that the evidence collected will provide adequate information which will set the basis for analyzing policies, needs and practices of cross-sectoral stakeholders involved in youth online volunteering.


  • Youth workers & stakeholders with experience in online or in person volunteering.
  • Participants from, Serbia, Greece, Spain, France, Slovenia, Belgium (or CI member organizations).
  • People willing to offer their knowledge and expertise and contribute in forming a better e-volunteering era.


The event will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 5.4.2023 to 8.4.2023, and the working language is English.


You can apply by filling out this form:


Deadline for applying: 20.3.2023, at 23:59 CET


Organizers will cover all costs related to travel, accommodation, and food. Participants are obliged to use the most cost-efficient means of travel. Organizers will cover travel costs in accordance with CONNECT International’s guidelines on travel expenses reimbursement, depending on the country of origin.

If you are selected you will be provided with additional information on the dates, schedule and exact venue of the event. 

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Let’s explore this new world that digitalization has opened up, map it out and help e-volunteers and organizations optimize their volunteering experience in the digital sphere! 

The project “e-volunteering” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Co-funded by the European Union

Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union

Friedrich Neumann Foundation

SmartCity.Education Initiative

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