EPITOME Launch Event held in Brussels

The launch event for the EPITOME project’s Minecraft worlds collection was held in Brussels on February 24, 2023 organised by Connect International. The EPITOME project is a European Union (Erasmus+) funded project aimed at promoting education through gaming. The collection of Minecraft worlds is specifically designed to support this goal.

The launch event was attended by representatives from European Institutions NGOs, the academic public, business sector working on education, as well as educators and gamers. The event showcased the Minecraft worlds and their potential to enhance learning through gaming.

The Minecraft worlds are designed to simulate real-world scenarios and challenges that students may face in their academic and professional lives. They cover various subjects, including science, technology, engineering, social skills, arts, and mathematics, and are suitable for students of different ages and levels.

“The Minecraft worlds within the EPITOME project are a unique and innovative way to promote education through gaming,” said Marko Paunovic one of the participants, a representative from the Out of the Box international. “We are thrilled to see the launch of this collection and look forward to seeing its impact on education.”

The launch event included a demonstration of the Minecraft worlds and a panel discussion on the potential of gaming in education. The EPITOME project partners also shared their insights on the development process and the project’s impact on education.

“We are proud to have contributed to the EPITOME project and the development of the Minecraft worlds collection,” said Alkistis Giogiou, president of Connect International. “We believe that gaming can be a powerful tool for education, and we are excited to see the positive impact that the Minecraft worlds will have on students.”

The Minecraft worlds collection within the EPITOME project is available for free download on the project’s website (https://epitomeproject.eu/results). It is expected to be widely adopted by educators and gamers worldwide.

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