“REthink Your Health” Platform for Reproductive Health Education Is Online

The website reproductive.me is developed within the project “REthink your health” with a goal of creating an access to non-formal education which will enable young people to inform and educate themselves about their reproductive health.

The platform contains following information:

  • what we need to know as sexually active individuals
  • which potential issues we can face and how we can protect ourselves properly 
  • when and why we should visit a gynecologist or urologist and how often should we do that 
  • what are the biological functions and needs of the female body and is the impact of hormones really that significant 
  • what are the biological functions and needs of a male body
  • how to stay healthy and plan our future
  • which issues can we face on the path of reproduction?
  • when to seek help and from whom.

Access the platform at www.reproductive.me to learn more.

Project “REthink your health” is supported by Tempus Foundation as a part of Erasmus+ Program by European Union and is implemented by: Chance for Parenthood (Serbia) an Connect International (Belgium).

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