Members of CONNECT have organized the training “Fight Against and Prevention of Sexual Cyber-Bulling and Sexting”

Several members of Connect International Network ( NGO Prima – organizer, PRONI, EESTI People to people) have organized training for youth workers “Fight Against and Prevention of Sexual Cyber-Bulling and Sexting’’ which was in Nea Makri, Greece, from 16th until 25th June 2022. During training, 36 youth workers from 9 countries gained knowledge about Cyber security and safety in the digital era, with special attention given to digital gender-based violence.

Project partners:

PRONI, Bosnia and Herzegovina

EuroDEMOS, Romania

Mine Vaganti, Italy

Youth for social changes, Albania

Volunteers Center Skopje, North Macedonia

Esti people to people, Estonia

Hellenic Youth Participation, Greece

Red line, Serbia

Training is the activity of the project It has to be love, funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ programme. 

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Creative Europe

Erasmus Plus

European Youth Foundation

Europe for Citizens

Friedrich Neumann Foundation

SmartCity.Education Initiative

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