CONNECT meets META in Brussels

Brussels, June 24, 2022 – CONNECT’s team met with the Meta Public Policy Team in Brussels, where they discussed digital citizenship and the youth sector challenges, as well as potential cooperation!

META and CONNECT International have both worked on digital citizenship, ensuring that young people and other citizens benefit positively from the use of digital technology, particularly in terms of participation and driving change in their communities both online and offline. Aside from that, both discussed digital safety and privacy concerns, as well as how to use digital technology to access accurate information, engage and use the online space for civic engagement in order to effect positive change in society.

Young people, parents and caregivers, and educators can all find useful information on Digital Citizenship on the META Get Digital Resource page. All groups can find useful information on Digital Foundations, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Engagement, Digital Empowerment, and Digital Opportunities, which have been designed and prepared for their respective age and profile.

This meeting was held in the aftermath of the Meta EU Conversation Empower the Youth: Spotlight Sustainability, which took place on June 2nd as part of the 2022 edition of Meta EU Conversations that focus on the role of technology and online spaces in empowering the younger generation to raise awareness, funds, and mobilize on causes that are important to them. During the event, Dimitrije Jovićević, CONNECT’s representative, emphasized the importance of young people being able to shape new tools that will positively impact digital citizenship, as well as the importance of all of us working together to ensure that digital technologies are developed and used for the benefit of young people and future generations.

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