Safety Measures During COVID-19 Pandemic

According to recommendations given by the World Health Organization, Connect International has developed the set of measures to be followed during the meetings and events, such as trainings, in order to ensure safe and positive experience for all participants during the pandemic of COVID-19.


BEFORE the meeting or event

  • We will be informed on the procedural health recommendations of the respective authorities in the community where the meeting/event will be held and make sure to strictly repect them.
  • We will develop a complete plan to prevent infection or the virus’ transmission during our meeting / event. Indicatively, the following actions will take place:

– One team member will be assigned with the task of dealing with any problematic or warning case that occurs during the event/meeting (e.g. offer advice and assistance to participants, remind them to follow the rules, drive them to health care institutions if they present symptoms of COVID-19 etc.), so that the case is immediately handled with the required safety level and without massively disturbing the meeting’s/event’s work flow.

– A specific room or area will be identified in the venue, in order to safely isolate anyone who presents symptoms of COVID-19, until they are transferred to receive health care.

– Posters with advice and reminders related to safety measures will be hung in the working space and in all areas where participants, staff members and visitors will be passing.

– We will get informed about all emergency call numbers related to health issues that are available in the community where the meeting/even will be held. These numbers will be hung on the wall in posters all around the working space and other areas where participants, staff members and visitors will be visiting (coffee breaks, toilets etc.).

– We will create in advance all required communication channels with all relevant key partners, such as public health services and health care authorities.

– We will address volunteer organizations to assist us on prevention control checks to people visiting the venue, with the use of electric thermometers or other available means (e.g. Red Cross, Scouts etc.), if possible.

– We will prepare sufficient supplies and materials, including gloves, tissues and hand sanitizers for all participants. Face masks will be available to anyone who requests it, especially though to individuals who seem to develop respiratory symptoms.

– We will advise participants in advance to not attend the meeting/event, in case they have any symptoms or feel unwell.

– We will make sure that all organizers, participants, caterers and visitors at the event provide their contact details, before entering the venue: name and surname, mobile telephone number, email and place of residence/accommodation. Their details will be shared with local public health authorities if any participant becomes ill with a suspected infectious disease. Therefore, their consent for this personal data collection and processing will be requested in advance. In case they do not offer it, they will not be allowed to attend the event/meeting.

– In case someone at the meeting presents symptoms of COVID-19 (dry cough, fever, malaise) we will activate the pre-developed plan for reaction:

  • the individual will be safly isolated in the identified room or area.
  • the individual will be safely transferred from the venue to the nearest health facility by the member of the team who will be in charge. Both the driver and the person feeling unwell will be wearing masks and gloves and will be sitting apart in the car with open windows (driver’s seat – passenger’s right seat).

– If a meeting/event  participant’s, staff member’s or service provider’s test turn positive for COVID-19 during or just after the meeting we will imediately contact all parties involved to ensure they are tested as soon as possible.



DURING the meeting or event

– Sufficient information on COVID-19 and the measures that organizers are taking to make this event safe will be provided to participants. – During the introduction session we will practice ways to say hello and interact without touching using social distancing methods. Social distancing will be applied in all methods of work.

– Regular hand-washing or use of an alcohol rub by all participants at the meeting or event will be encouraged.

– We will ask participants to cover their face with the bend of their elbow or a tissue if they cough or sneeze. We will supply tissues and closed bins to dispose of them in.

– Contact details or a health hotline number that participants can call for advice or to give information will be provided.

– Dispensers of alcohol-based hand rub will be displayed prominently around the venue.

– Seats in the working space will be arranged in such a way that participants are in a distance of at least one meter apart.

– Windows and doors in the working space will be opened whenever possible to make sure the venue is well ventilated. Also, when/if it is possible, sessions will be organized outdoors.

– If anyone starts to feel unwell, we will follow our previously prepared plan for reaction.


AFTER the meeting

  1. We will retain the names and contact details of all participants for at least one month. This will help public health authorities to trace people who may have been exposed to COVID-19 if one or more participants become ill or have warning symptoms shortly after the event.
  2. If someone at the meeting / event was isolated as a suspected COVID-19 case, we will inform all participants about it. They will be advised to monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days and take their temperature twice a day and to contact their health services if needed.

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