VŠĮ Kauno jaunimo slėnis

The main activities carried out by the organization in the public interest are: cultural, educational, scientific, civic, entrepreneurial, environmental, sporting. What is more, the consultancy in the implementation of youth initiatives, community integration into the information and knowledge society, international cooperation, informal education, arranging and organizing of training programs, integration into social, economic, cultural creative life.
To achieve these goals, the VŠĮ Kauno jaunimo slėnis:
• Develops and organizes training programs;
• Advises organizations on management, efficient administration, and other issues relevant to organizations;
• Develops strategies for different areas;
• Organizes cultural, artistic, sporting events;
• Conducts research;
• Establishes international contacts and cooperates with foreign organizations;
• Carries out public education;
• Organizes campaigns to promote civic activity;
• Carries out social projects.

The last but not the least, by implementing its objectives, the organizations cooperates with state and municipal institutions, state and private structures of the Republic of Lithuania, European Union, foundations and other non-governmental organizations.