Alumni Mandoulides

At a time when the majority of our generation faces difficulties of professional nature, concerns and dead ends, people of the same generation, graduates of the school, we made the decision to devote several hours of our studies / work to the Madoulides School of Alumni Association.

We are here because we really believe it is worth it, it is worth the school that has shaken private education “overshadowing” within a few years educational institutions with a long history of having a worthy club.

We are here because we believe that everything we learned in this school, if we stay united, we can make better use of it.

We are here because of the end of school, from a society of friends and acquaintances, we have come to a society of unknown and antagonistic. In this society there are graduates anywhere that we may not even know, but there is something common to us, a common place for cooperation-support-friendship. Why is it that when we find ourselves we will always have to talk about these years, how funny it was …. (professor) when he entered the classroom, until all these “benefits” we then considered self-evident, but then we realized that education in Greece is a luxury.