CONNECT is a Partner on the Project “EPITOME”

In the next two years CONNECT International will be working on a project “EPITOME – Exploring the Potential of mInecrafT in prObleM basEd curricula” as a part of a 6 member Consortium comprised of organizations, companies and institutions from across Europe. The Consortium is led by CIVIC Computing (United Kingdom) and is comprised of Universidad de Valladolid (Spain), Silogos Goneon & Kidemonon (Greece), TARAN Consulting (France), Hearthands Solutions (Cyprus) and CONNECT International (Belgium).

The EPITOME project aims to help Higher Education Institutions that have pedagogical faculties in supporting the use of digital learning spaces as a means to help them continue to deliver Problem Based Learning activities through virtual classrooms as these activities were, up till now, offered only through physical collaboration in classrooms. By helping higher education institutions to extend their academic curricula with practical approaches towards remote Problem Based Learning in combination with Game Based Learning, EPITOME aims to increase the teacher’s ability to deliver the same quality of education they usually deliver in physical classrooms through digital tools.

This project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Co-funded by the European Union

Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union

Friedrich Neumann Foundation

SmartCity.Education Initiative

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