New Generation

Neue Generation Austria is a non govermental organization that works as a non-profit organization, encourages young people in activities, where they can express themselves in an independent and self menagment mode and also search for new unconventional and attractive activities. 

Our team is a volountary, self-sufficient, whose purpose is support for youth enterpreneurship and self-expression activities and projects for young people, start projects for young people in personal development activities to encourage the acquisition of new skills, self-expression and creativity; activities to promote international cooperation in the youth and young people’s participation in the activities.

The organizations way of reaching the wanted goals is through non-formal education methods because it helps grow and mature on a personal level, as well as within society. Improving teamwork or coexisting can play an important role. By developing skills of each individual you boost their self-esteem.

Our 3 main aims are:

  • Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities,
  • Provide opportunity to young people to gain new experiences,
  • Intercultural learning and connecting.