Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center

Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center stand as a result of public-private collaboration of PE National Park Fruska Gora and NGOs Camping Association of Serbia and Camping Association of Vojvodina.

Center obtain designed role, contributing the following objectives:

  1. Improvement of plan and project documentation quiality under active role in local/regional process of planning, in the area of sustainable development;
  2. Protect interests of regional and local stakeholders and interested parties by taking active role as interested party, offering expertise and technical assistance in local/regional planning and decision making processes;
  3. Development initatives of regional stakeholders and interested parties by taking active role in formulation of initiatives and offering technical assistance in selection of financial models and/or finding/selection of partners;
  4. Provide support to regional/local stakeholders in implementation of development activities by offering expertise and tehnical assistance;
    Promotes the Region by profiling, creating and dissemination of information towards selected tageted groups;
  5. Increases the availability of information through continuous work on gathering, processing, storing and presentation of various information vital for regional/local stakeholders, investors, donors, authorities and other institutions/organisations;
  6. Formulates and implements bottom-up and from-up-to-bottom initiatives inside the Region;
  7. Encourage and support international cooperation and participation of regional/local organisations and institutions in the work of international bodies and organisations, in implementation of internationals partnerships and fulfillment of internationally agreed obligations.