Center for Social Innovation

The center for social innovation (CFSI) is a German NGO focused on digitalizing education, international cooperation and using innovation to solve current and future problems. All activities are focused on strengthening a culture of dialouge and democratic values among young people from different communities. 

Targeting a change in the way we perceive and facilitate education, the main focus of activities is set on improving (non-) formal learning by utilizing innovation in technology, methodology and communication. Activities are carried out as unique projects with emphasis on different target groups, ranging from high school studnets to university teachers. Being convinced that learning-by-doing is one of the most efficient ways to improve on old structures, a broad network of partners is exchanging best-practice examples in the fields of education, volunteering and digitalization.

Furthermore, international cooperation projects targeting both workers in NGOs and young people are seen as a valuable way to improve cultural understanding and to collect experiences from stakeholders in various countries. Good access to a network of over 1200 politically active young people from Germany serves as the basis for all projects of the CFSI and partners.