Bridge to the Future Youth Union

Bridge to the Future Youth Union (Union) – is a national non-governmental organization established in April 2000 by youth initiative. Union is a legal member of international youth organizations and networks such as Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) and Human Rights for Education Youth Network and its members are represented on their boards.  Our head office is located in Ganja second biggest city of Azerbaijan. 

Most of our local and international projects have been supported by the Council of EuropeUSAID (through Counterpart International and Save the Children), and by other donor organizations. At the same time, Union is closely cooperating with the national government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sport and its local department, the Ganja Youth and Sport Head Office.  On more than one occasion, Union has been awarded for its significant role in development of the youth sector in Azerbaijan and Europe.

Bridge to the Future Youth Union’s Mission Statement: to assist the active participation of Azerbaijan’s youth, establishment of healthy civil society, and youth representation of our country on the international level.

Bridge to the Future strives to increase youth participation in activities, support disabled people in personal development and acquiring necessary job search skills, develop intellectual abilities and professional skills of youth, involve youth in volunteer work, form civil society through the youth movement, ensure youth participation in environmental actions and tourism, and to develop mutual relationships between Azerbaijani and world youth. In pursuit of the above-mentioned objectives, Union regularly provides local, national and international seminars, conventions, meetings, training courses, consultative services, and work camps.

BF has experience in working in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme as well as European Solidarity Corps Programme. In 2017 and 2018, BF was elected as Erasmus+ Youth Info Centre in Azerbaijan for the first time by SALTO Youth Network based in Poland.