Association CIK / Cirkus La Bulle

Association for circus, education and culture – CIK known also as Cirkus La Bulle is a NGO based in Slovenia. Association CIK aims to educate youth workers and equip them with interactive methods which they can use in their work. We use circus pedagogy and social games as a tool for youth work and we aim to raise the awareness on mental wellbeing of youngsters and youth workers. 


Circus pedagogy is a method based on elements of contemporary circus, theatre pedagogy and social games. It is very attractive and creative educational method and is a great medium to reach youngsters, adults and children and give them chance to develop mentally as well as physically. Circus pedagogy is efficient in building a team, developing mutual trust, learning mutual cooperation and it strengthens the ability to overcome personal as well as group obstacles.


Play is very powerful educational tool. We have been playing since we were children. Through the play we get to know ourselves, the world around us and we learn. Therefore, play is one of the basic forms of education and relaxation, and at the same time it can serve as an effective pedagogical tool. Social games include those games that, instead of competition, focus on social relations between people and raise the level of self-awareness and social sensibility through the element of conversation about what happened to the participants during the game. With social games we can address difficult themes such as discrimination, prejudices, intercultural differences…. in engaging and interactive way and get participants to see it in a different perspective.

Goals of our association are:

– To educate youth workers and give them new and attractive tools (circus pedagogy, social

games…) to work with youngsters and children.

– To educate youth workers on the importance of mental wellbeing.

– Encourage international mobility of youngsters through different kinds of projects.

– Networking and creating projects with other European associations.

– Create and perform circus pedagogy workshops for youth centres, festivals, schools, residential

homes, children and youngsters with fewer opportunities…

– Create and perform circus performances in different public events.