Digital Rights


Digital Rights

While working on providing Digital Access, empowering Digital Citizenship and ensuring Digital Progress, we believe that connecting people to the digital world need to be followed by ensuring protection and respect of their rights in the virtual space. CONNECT International deploy its capacities to work on education and fight for protection of human rights of Internet users and to ensure equal application of Human Rights charter in the digital world. Since online dimension became integral part of young peoples identity, we believe that protection of citizens rights and ensuring safety of their virtual environment is equally important as ensuring same in the real world.


Webinar “Gender Inequality in the Cyberspace” held on July 27, 2020
Our webinar “Gender Inequality in the Cyberspace” took place on Monday 27.7.2020, gathering together participants from all around Europe. We have commented on the statistics that follow the topic, analyzed the forms of digital gender divide, searched the causes and reasons that lead to this phenomenon and explored its various forms. Following, we dived into
UpDatAed Webinar for Spanish Organizations Held on June 22
The “UpDatAed” online webinar and workshop for organizations from Spain was implemented on June 22, 2020, via the Google Meet platform. It was attended by 25 youth workers and representatives of youth organizations from all around Spain. The participants got a chance to learn more about the “UpDatAed” project and the Guide for youth organizations
Call for Participants – Webinar “Gender Inequality in the Cyberspace” (27.07.2020)
We are happy to invite you to to  the Webinar “Gender Inequality in the Cyberspace”. The power of the digital world to unite, to express people, to raise awareness, to create and communicate, has been the recent example that life even in the most difficult of circumstances will strive to continue and move on. However,
Webinar “Digital Youth Work” held on June 12, 2020
The webinar “Digital Youth Work – Opportunities and Challenges” was held on Friday, June 12, via the ZOOM platform. Participants from all around Europe have attended the Webinar and were introduced to the definitions of digital rights and digital youth work as opposed to youth work in the physical world. The main speaker of the Webinar,
Take Part in Research on Online Gender Violence
CONNECT International is inviting you to take part in our research on gender-based violence and discrimination in virtual world and help us get insight in this destructive phenomenon. Online gender violence is not a phantom. It is not random anonymous comments and harsh – but “funny” meme. It is you and me, your sister, your
COVID 19 Pandemic – Opening The PanData Box?
The Smart Cities and their linked technologies are proven to contribute to the smart government of a city or a region. More and more governments are using sensors to generate data to monitor the current state of the city. Some of them understood the benefits of operating with Big Data, but that’s not enough. Why
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