Digital Citizenship


Digital Citizenship

CONNECT International stands for strengthening of democratic values and empowering of system of check and balances in our societies. Digital tools today provide us with a great opportunity to improve efficiency of democracy and democratic institutions, strengthen decision making processes and foster and empower youth participation. Therefore, we are using our work to put out these digital tools into action of making democracy more efficient and resilient.


Exchange It – Training for Starters Held in Niš, Serbia
The first of two planned training seminars within the project “Exchange it – Towards Cooperation and Reconciliation” was implemented in Niš, Serbia, from August 31st till September 7th, 2020. The Training for Starters was attended by the representatives of youth organizations from countries involved in this project (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo, North North North
Webinar “Fighting Disinformation” held on July 29, 2020
The webinar “Fighting Disinformation – working with young people on Digital Literacy” was held on Tuesday, July 29th via the ZOOM platform. More than 30 participants from all around Europe have attended the Webinar and had the opportunity to explore the influence of the digital world on disinformation and digital literacy. They were introduced to
Webinar “yoUThILIZE e-democracy” implemented on the ZOOM platform
The webinar “yoUThILIZE e-democracy” was held on Monday, June 8, via the ZOOM platform. It was attended by participants from all around Europe who got a chance to start the discussion about the ways youth participation can be promoted and incited by using innovative digital tools, platforms and technologies on the local level. Examples of good practices
Call for Participation – Webinar “Digital Youth Work” (12.06.2020, 18:00 CET)
We are happy to invite you to join our webinar “Digital Youth Work: Opportunities and Challenges”, which will be held on Friday, June 12th at 18:00 CET. In order to support youth organizations around Europe to adjust to the digitalization of youth work, we tackle the need of youth workers, youth activists or anyone involved
Project “European Living Library” is supported by Europe for Citizens Programme
CONNECT International and partner organizations from Belgium, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North North North Macedonia and Spain will be implementing project “European Living Library for Young Citizens” during 2020 and 2021. This project is supported by the Europe for Citizens Network of Towns Programme of the European Union.   The basic idea of the
CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – Starters & Developers Training
Are you interested in organizing effective and meaningful exchanges to enrich the lives of young people? Do you sometimes face obstacles in organizing those exchanges? Do you think you are just starting to learn about youth exchanges? …or you just need to develop your skills?   if your answer to some of these questions is
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