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Alumni Mandoulides

At a time when the majority of our generation faces difficulties of professional nature, concerns and dead ends, people of the same generation, graduates of the school, we made the decision to devote several hours of our studies / work to the Madoulides School of Alumni Association.

We are here because we really believe it is worth it, it is worth the school that has shaken private education “overshadowing” within a few years educational institutions with a long history of having a worthy club.

We are here because we believe that everything we learned in this school, if we stay united, we can make better use of it.

We are here because of the end of school, from a society of friends and acquaintances, we have come to a society of unknown and antagonistic. In this society there are graduates anywhere that we may not even know, but there is something common to us, a common place for cooperation-support-friendship. Why is it that when we find ourselves we will always have to talk about these years, how funny it was …. (professor) when he entered the classroom, until all these “benefits” we then considered self-evident, but then we realized that education in Greece is a luxury.


ASSERTED KNOWLEDGE (AKNOW) is a technical consultancy and staff sourcing company providing specialized ICT related services and staff to organisations. Expertise comprises technical writing, requirements analysis, system specifications, specialized recruitment and applied research in STEAM related areas. AKNOW has an R&D unit which actively researches the bridging of the online and offline worlds through physical computing and creating educational content for all ages accompanied by hardware and software.


ATERMON is a start-up focusing on intelligent uses of Game-Based Learning and Web 3.0 technologies and tools for the implementation of solutions which can deliver lasting learning experiences of real practical value. ATERMON was incorporated with the ambitious goal to ethically serve the concepts of Open Education, Inclusive Education and Personalised Learning but in a business context and not relying solely on public funding which impose limitations in terms of quality and flexibility.


Backslash is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political youth organization, established in Valencia, Spain, which aims at empowering youth, promoting peace, tolerance and solidarity through assisting young people in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competencies. The mission of Backslash is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights, democratic values and international cooperation.

Balkan Urban Movement

Balkan Urban Movement is an organization founded in 2002 by a group of young people that wanted to change their society through activism. Since then, the organization has grown and changed from youth association to organization working on growth and development of the community.

In order to achieve our mission and vision BUM focuses its programs in 3 fields:

Civil society and activism– involve for better society
We believe that society can be changed only by civic engagement and activism of individuals. BUM is developing projects and providing support to civil society organizations, non-formal groups, activists and especially young people that are working toward community development. For years now we are implementing projects and programs in this field.

Creativity and innovation– inspired for change
There is no progress in society without innovation and there is no innovation without creativity. BUM work on stimulation of creativity and cultural development in the communities. We support young creative people, their exchange and intercultural dialogue. We believe culture and its development are an important driving force of each society and our goal is to help cultural institutions, organizations and individuals spread their creativity and exchange ideas for innovation.

Community sustainable development– growing together
Activities of BUM are directed through an integrated approach to sustainable development, including different activities in the field of the sustainable development of the social and cultural life of community including the needs of environmental protection.


CCS DIGITAL EDUCATION (CCSDE) was founded in 2013 with the mission propel the teaching-learning process into a new era, increasing its effectiveness through the use of ICT. The company offers to its clients integrated solutions and services with high added value, from conceptualization, the design of content visualization (storyboarding) and the development of applications to consulting services for the exploitation of digital media (digital marketing) and the design of targeted marketing campaigns for customer’s applications.

CIVIC Computing (CIVIC)

CIVIC Computing (CIVIC) is one of the largest suppliers of digital work to the Scottish Government. Known for innovation in product development CIVIC were first to develop a Java CMS over 15 years ago (Content Control), were first to market a solution for compliance with EU legislation on Cookies (Cookie Control), and launched on a new social media tool (Ffora) targeting mainly individuals seeking personalised content. CIVIC’s primary goal has always been to work with customers in identifying opportunities to exploit technology for business advantage and create value. Our mission is to sustain and enhance our expertise to deliver solutions and services which contribute to the success of our Customers and at the same time to actively help our society improve through healthy use of ICT with focus on issues that concern them.

United Kingdom

CIVITA is a non-governmental organization founded by young people committed towards the promotion of the effective public policies in the interest of young citizens of Kosovo. CIVITA is committed to the good governance based on democratic principles, responsible and accountable institutions and we are working on the drafting and implementation of laws that are promoting civic participation.

CONNECT International

CONNECT International is a Brussels based international network of organizations formed with a mission to create innovative European projects ensuring mainstreaming of digital rights and digital agenda with young people and other active citizens.

Within its innovative European projects and activities, CONNECT bring together individuals and organizations focused on 4 pillars of work with young people:

Citizenship – working on strengthening of digital democracy, citizens participation, decision making, freedom of assembly;
Rights – educating and fighting for the protection of human rights of internet users and equal application of HR charter in the digital world;
Access – supporting free and open access to the internet, education resources, improving digital literacy, skills, bridging the digital divide, etc;
Progress – introducing innovative practices and ICT development.
Organizations gathered within CONNECT believes that partnerships and networks are an important driver of change and that young people are key to this. The network is run by a young but experienced team, and it gathers members working together in the above-mentioned fields. Based on their point of interest, all organizations are assigned and responsible for implementation of activities in their area of expertise. Even though this is the newly registered organization it has existed as an informal network for already several years with gathered experience and human resources.

Crnogorsko građansko jedro

Montenegrin Citizen Sail is the result of work of several informal groups in Montenegro which were active in youth work. Representatives of these groups decided to create an unique organization in order to strenghten activities and make partnerships with organizationions within the country and further on concrete projects.


EduNorth is a non-governmental youth organization situated in Varaždin, Croatia. It was established by a group of young experts with the main goal to educate all citizens, especially young people, in different areas, such as entrepreneurship, human rights, digital rights and safety, to improve the quality of their lives and ensure a brighter future for them and the society as a whole.

We use different non-formal education methods and put a great emphasis on sustainable development, equal opportunities and non-discrimination and on equality between men and women, as well as information and communication technologies, social cohesion and social innovation, data and knowledge management and territorial

Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center

Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center stand as a result of public-private collaboration of PE National Park Fruska Gora and NGOs Camping Association of Serbia and Camping Association of Vojvodina.

Center obtain designed role, contributing the following objectives:

1. Improvement of plan and project documentation quiality under active role in local/regional process of planning, in the area of sustainable development;
2. Protect interests of regional and local stakeholders and interested parties by taking active role as interested party, offering expertise and technical assistance in local/regional planning and decision making processes;
3. Development initatives of regional stakeholders and interested parties by taking active role in formulation of initiatives and offering technical assistance in selection of financial models and/or finding/selection of partners;
4.Provide support to regional/local stakeholders in implementation of development activities by offering expertise and tehnical assistance;
Promotes the Region by profiling, creating and dissemination of information towards selected tageted groups;
5.Increases the availability of information through continuous work on gathering, processing, storing and presentation of various information vital for regional/local stakeholders, investors, donors, authorities and other institutions/organisations;
6.Formulates and implements bottom-up and from-up-to-bottom initiatives inside the Region;
7.Encourage and support international cooperation and participation of regional/local organisations and institutions in the work of international bodies and organisations, in implementation of internationals partnerships and fulfillment of internationally agreed obligations.


HEARTHANDS SOLUTIONS (HESO) is a very dynamic company bridging the gap between commercial and public/EU funding ecosystems. Our service provision ranges from business development and public funding acquisition to custom implementation, training and technology transfer. All services are offered with focus on high quality of results which is what separates HEARTHANDS from most consultancies that distance themselves from technical implementations leaving their customers exposed.


Interkultura, established in 1997 and officially registered in 1998 is an NGO, at the moment active on the national level and internationally. Our projects are aimed at encouraging and stimulating youth work in the field of culture, intercultural collaboration, and fight against intolerance, nationalism and promoting youth participation.

Intermunicipal Commonwealth of Horta Sud

The Intermunicipal Commonwealth of Horta Sud is a local supramunicipal entity of a representative nature that is responsible for the organization and provision in a joint way of the works, services or activities of its competence, as well as the management, promotion and exercise of the aims entrusted by the Municipalities that integrate it, for the achievement of the common interests of supramunicipal scope.

The Mancomunitat is integrated by the Municipalities of Alaquàs, Albal, Alcazar, Aldaia, Alfafar, Benetusser, Beniparrell, Catarroja, New Place of the Crown, Manises, Massanassa, Mislata, Paiporta, Picanya, Picassent, Quart de Poblet, Sedavi, Silla, Torrent i Xirivella, from the province of Valencia.

Kosovo Young Lawyers

KOSOVA YOUNG LAWYERS (KYL) is a non-profit organization, founded on August 27, 2006 with an initiative of young lawyers of Kosova. It aims, inter alia, at promoting co-operation with different Young Lawyers and Law Students organizations, disseminating knowledge and information to young and prospective lawyers on the principles and purposes of international organizations and EU institutions, and on foreign legal systems.


Libero is a non-governmental youth organization established in January 2002 in Belgrade. Our team is driven by a mission of Hot Spotting Youth Rights. We believe that young people fully accessed to their fundamental rights, full of energy and persistence, are the main carriers of societal development. Over the past 17 years we have gathered a huge experience in the field of youth work implementing numerous international projects and collaborating with various civil society organizations and public institutions from Serbia and Europe.
In our work we use nonformal education methods, we promote regional cooperation and values of the intercultural society, and we empower our users so they can take an active role in the democratic processes.

Major Cities of Europe

The Organisation “Major Cities of Europe – IT Users Group” is composed of leading experts of Innovation in cities. They contribute to the continuous improvement of the value proposition of the association.

It establishes the priorities and activities, it identifies the key and emerging topics of city innovation, it defines the workshop initiatives.

The key activity of the Organisation is the yearly conference that takes place every year in a different city. The conference is the annual occasion for distinguished speakers from all Europe and worldwide to present the latest ICT innovations in their Cities and to share strategies, projects, successes and also issues. Informal exchanges and discussions take place during the whole conference.

Mladi zmaji

JAVNI ZAVOD MLADI ZMAJI is a network of innovative district youth centres and street youth workers that the city of Ljubljana is using to activate young people and give the young people with less opportunities a chance to change their life. Programs include opportunities for informal learning, cultural activation and everyday socializing where visitors can gain new knowledge and skills, meet interesting people, broad their horizon, get motivation and overcome their own limitations. All four centers form unified system through carefully planned coordination and cooperation among the teams. The institute cooperates with the local community, cultural establishments, district schools, centres for social services, youth organizations and NGOs in Ljubljana and Slovenia, universities, volunteers.

NART Bulgaria

NART’s Mission in Bulgaria is to promote continuous improvement of the quality of education and social services in support of integration and inclusion of all children in Bulgaria.

We have regional offices in 28 regional cities in the country and over 1200 current members.

We work in collaboration with local authorities, representatives of parents’ associations, other non-government organizations, educational training institutes and universities.

NART is in contact with patient organizations and parental organisations at the national level. We have coordinators at the Resource Centres around the country which are part of the Ministry of Education and most of their managing and pedagogical personnel are members of NART. 

We are part of the National Network for Children (NMD), which brings together over 100 Bulgarian NGOs active in the field of children’s and teenagers’ education. We are also a member of the Public Council at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.

NART’s  team has been working on more than 20 international projects  on different programmes – Youth in Action, Erasmus +, European Solidarity corps.  We have been cooperating with UNICEF and Physionet UK.

New Horizons

NEW HORIZONS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social development and cultural preservation for the local territory and bridging the local population to the constantly changing world outside by means of education and training, information service, and international
It is founded and run by young professionals who are designing, implementing and evaluating local and international youth projects. NH is dedicated to creating and implementing educational concepts that allow participants to develop a self-defined strategy of learning in the framework of non-formal education.
NH is currently member of a pan-European network of 7 organizations from 7 European countries and, at local level, member of CESV Messina (The Italian Volunteer Centres), a large public network providing support services for NGOs.
In 2018, we also joined the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (Anna Lindh Foundation) that promotes dialogue among Euro-Mediterranean identities, enhancing their deep understanding, and mutual respect.

NGO Prima

NGO PRIMA is a non-profit organization, founded in November 2010 with headquarters in Podgorica. The organization is made of activists and volunteers with years of experience in the fields of democratization of society: youth work and youth policies, women’s, minorities and marginalized groups rights, formal and informal education, psychological counseling and informing, etc.

NGO Prima is a member of the Regional Working Group on Civic Education, the Open Platform for Improving the Situation of the Civil Sector, the Regional No Hate Speech Campaign, “Together for LGBT Rights” coalitions.


PRONI Center for youth development is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-party organization founded in order to organize and conduct education in the area of social work with young people in order to promote citizen activism. PRONI Brćko is an award-winning organization with 5 employees, over 90 volunteers, and 2500 registered members.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Quart de Poblet Municipality

Quart de Poblet is placed in L’Horta Oest County, in the metropolitan area of Valencia City, besides Turia River. Quart has a 25.441 population according to 2019 census.

There are three fields where Quart de Poblet is leading among other public institutions in Spain: Accessibility, Youth and Open Government.

Quart de Poblet was awarded in 2005 with the “Queen Sofia Award” for promoting Universal Accessibility, underlining the importance and the efforts placed in the political agenda to these issues and prizing the continuity and sustainability of these efforts. Furthermore, Quart de Poblet is (apart from Madrid) the only Spanish city that has received the World Award in 2015 for Participative Democracy from the International Organization for Participative Democracy Aspects like the availability and access to updated information services about transports and mobility, health, sanitary and social emergency, education, public services in general and endowments and infrastructures of the Information Society are considered high-priority.

All the policies are managed in a horizontal way among the different municipal departments. The local police actively participate in implementing the local policies designed by the municipality, especially in those related to gender violence and mobility. The whole police team (composed of more than 35 officers) has received training in how to intervene on gender violence issues. Among their other duties, the officers control the traffic in Quart de Poblet (especially protecting the school’s surroundings).

In terms of youth, the Municipality of Quart de Poblet has huge expertise in youth policies, being a point of reference for youth policies in the region of Valencia. Also, the Municipality has the accreditation for hosting, sending and coordinating EVS/ESC projects.

Sunrise Project France

Sunrise Project France is youth non-governmental association based in Villeneuve d’Ascq, France. The organisation implements actions both at local and international level. The activities undertaken by the organization aim to ensure long-term fulfilment of youngsters, inspire lifelong learning and to promote tolerance and integration in a globalised world.
We firmly believe that young people have a crucial role to play in shaping the future of the world. And an important role in the formation of these young people is represented by their education. This education can’t be all provided in schools.


TiPovej! is an educational organisation with a status of a youth organisation in the public interest. We are involved with developing ideas and creative thinking, enabling a creative environment and supporting creative individuals, organisations and projects.


Tuşba Young Development Association (TUGEGED) is a non-governmental organization established for personal development and improvement of the youth.

VŠĮ Kauno jaunimo slėnis

The main activities carried out by the organization in the public interest are: cultural, educational, scientific, civic, entrepreneurial, environmental, sporting. What is more, the consultancy in the implementation of youth initiatives, community integration into the information and knowledge society, international cooperation, informal education, arranging and organizing of training programs, integration into social, economic, cultural creative life.
To achieve these goals, the VŠĮ Kauno jaunimo slėnis:
• Develops and organizes training programs;
• Advises organizations on management, efficient administration, and other issues relevant to organizations;
• Develops strategies for different areas;
• Organizes cultural, artistic, sporting events;
• Conducts research;
• Establishes international contacts and cooperates with foreign organizations;
• Carries out public education;
• Organizes campaigns to promote civic activity;
• Carries out social projects.

The last but not the least, by implementing its objectives, the organizations cooperates with state and municipal institutions, state and private structures of the Republic of Lithuania, European Union, foundations and other non-governmental organizations.

Young Ambassadors Association

YOUNG AMBASSADORS ASSOCIATION is a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation based in Romania (Campulung-Moldovenesc). Our association support and empowers youngsters to influence their life, civic participation and to find their individual goals.

Youth Bridges Budapest

Youth Bridges Budapest, based in Hungary, is a youth foundation with the aim to support young people dealing with the challenges of the 21st century and to help them spend the early stages of their adult lives actively and productively to build up their successful future and to become active citizens, create value and contribute to social development. We pay special attention to social diversity and intercultural dialogue for peaceful societies; sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness; and the future of (digital) learning and educational innovation. We aim to develop transformative competencies through supporting social entrepreneurship, international mobility and volunteerism, organising non-formal education events, and provide young adult career counselling service.