NF@ Guide for Online Non-Formal Education is Now Online
The COVID 19 pandemic has demonstrated to all of us active in the youth sector something that has become apparent even to those who are the most opposed to digitalization and modern technologies – youth work is increasingly moving online. The transfer of youth organization’s entire work and activities from in-person to online form during
General Assembly of CONNECT International held online
The General Assembly of CONNECT International was organized on Monday, December 21, 2020 via the interactive video conference platforms. It was attended by representatives of member organizations from all around Europe. This event offered a spot for members to get to know each other better, exchange ideas about ongoing and future projects and meet all members
NF@ Training held in Vršac, Serbia
The training seminar within the project “NF@ – building capacities of youth organizations to create online NFE activities” was held from 8th till 13th November 2020 in Vršac, Serbia. The training was attended by young people  from all over Europe, who have gathered in order to acquire new knowledge and skills on how to conduct effective,
The first transnational meeting within the project “Algorithm for mobility”
The first transnational meeting within the project “Algorithm for mobility – development of a sustainable model for informing young people about mobility opportunities” started today and will last until Sunday, November 8, in Belgrade, Serbia. The goal of the “Algorithm for Mobility” project is to promote mobility programs available to young people in Serbia through
Exchange It Training For Developers implemented in Vršac, Serbia
The second training seminar within the project “Exchange it – Towards Cooperation and Reconciliation” was implemented in Vršac, Serbia, from 10th till 18th October 2020. The Training for Developers was attended by participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Greece, Kosovo, North North North Macedonia, Serbia and Spain. They got a chance to expand their existing knowledge
CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – NF@ Training (Vrsac, Serbia, 08-13.11.2020 )
Are you ready to learn how to implement interactive and engaging online NFE events?  Do you want to get introduced to the latest tools and methods relevant in  the field of online NFE work? Are you interested in transferring existing NFE activities in the online form? …or you just want to improve your current knowledge in the field of online